Sunday, December 30, 2007

About Technically Speaking Radio

Blasting on WPEB 88.1 FM in West Philadelphia, PA every Tuesday at 7:00 a.m....this blog and radio program is produced by the Technically Speaking Radio show.

Missed the last show? Well, listen via podcast:

When Yahoo!, Symantec, Microsoft, NASA and Bluetooth wanted to have a tête-à-tête, they came to Technically's the radio show that's on EVERYONE'S lips!

Do you have questions about which tool is most useful to you when it comes to technology? Do you need some hand holding and further computer instruction?

Listen to Technically Speaking Radio. Broadcasted in Philadelphia, PA, the City of Brotherly Love Technically Speaking Radio is the community's link to technology!
Technically Speaking Radio with JC Lamkin is a fascinating show. It is a light hearted closer look at how various industries are using the benefits of technology in their businesses and organizations. It encourages individuals to interact with tech industry leaders for a clearer understanding of products and services.

JC Lamkin, the show's host is a certified Novell Administrator (CNA) and a certified Project Manager (PMP) who is actively involved in community development. In Philadelphia, join in on the 2-way talk action as we discuss IT career opportunities, technology, and the community.

Show: Technically Speaking
Host: JC Lamkin, Drivetime Tech Diva
Co-hosts: Ken Houston and Jerome Rogers

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