Saturday, June 7, 2008

Celebrity tech guru, Rev. Run (of RunDMC & "Run's House") joins us this week on theTechnically Speaking Radio on 1540 AM WNWR

Since this week is Internet Week, the hottest internet access devices will be on display. But, the only innovation that matters is the ability to merge all of the technologies to feed the need of the consumer, producer and the community at large. For this reason, the Technically Speaking Radio with JC Lamkin on WNWR 1540 AM will host "Internet Week" with Rev. Run (RunDMC), Dr. Lucille Ijoy (, and WebEx combining the general public's need for information with community responsibility. originality, clarity, discoverability and overall usefulness…..that's the Technically Speaking Radio program on 1540 AM WNWR

Rev. Run (of RunDMC and Run's House)
Dr. Lucille W. Ijoy,Motivation Institute of Philadelphia,

Listen to the broadcast of this program.

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