Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Review of Google Chrome

(aka online beta testers will work for free)

In this week's news, Google launched Chrome, its beta response to Firefox 3. Like bees to beta honey, the world's tech enthusiasts e-elbowed each other to be the first to critique the web browser. The verdict thus far is most people like the sleek no-frills browser. The Incognito Window, a snooping spouse's worst nightmare, is a bit suspect for my tastes. Overall, I would have to agree with the Tech Illuminati, Google has made it to third base with this one.

  • Like most popular browsers, it allows for easy importing of bookmarks.
  • It allows html, plugins, and javascript to play nice together
  • Omnibox: Keyword searches via the address field is a delightful plus, also.
  • To manage security and RAM, it creates separate processes for each new tab opened.
  • Open source is always a good thing, right? (mash, mash, mash)
  • It has been noted that Google's Chrome may not support GIF animation frames, however.
  • Google's Chrome does not support Lively...a Google product.  What's up with that?
  • Currently, the Chrome browser does not work on Macs. However, knowing Mac users, they will have a Chrome for Macs version compiled by the end of the week.

Middle of the road
The Report bug or Broken Web site feature: Google Inc (GOOG.O) has offered all self proclaimed Tech Illuminati the ability to send reports of program bugs. Now, isn't that thoughtful of Google....
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Anonymous said...

I like chrome. It's easy to use.

Anonymous said...

great browser like it a lot