Thursday, September 18, 2008

Twitter's New Layout

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The news and votes are in! Most of the estimated 1 million users like the new site design. In the new Twitter display, Tweet'amis will notice that following/followers/update status is located high on the page. Making this information more prominent allows users ease of access.

Fortunately, Twitter has a link to the "Notice something different?" blog post which details that changes which include customizations and speed improvements.

Overall, this change will most like not shock most Twitter users. Instead the change will be met with appreciation.

If you haven't yet, give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to view your replies, direct messages, favorites, and followers.

Most users experience a split second delay while Twitter tech made the change over to the new design. That alone is admirable. For most, a change over causes user anxiety and a subsequent lose of confidence in the platform. Certainly, many other providers could learn something from Twitter. I suspect that the Twitter staff was a flurry of high-fives after the change over. Well, allow us to high five also. Well done, Well done.

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