Friday, October 31, 2008

Video Your Vote

This year's election has been trying for everyone. Admittedly, there have been some quite humorous moments. However, voters are exhausted. Volunteers are fatigued. And, we have yet to reach our climax. Take heart, we are closing in on November 4th and Technically Speaking Radio is right there with you; so, we close in on it together.

Good news, we are not alone. Video the Vote wants to join us for the final days of our journey. Video the Vote is helping us monitor our democracy. This is a nationwide initiative. If you are interested in citizen journalism, you can provide a video record of election issues in real time. Video the Vote will then distribute footage to media outlets. If you do not have a camera, but would like to participate, you can sign-up as a dispatcher. Partners for this initiative include NAACP, YouTube and PBS. So, Video Your Vote !

Regarding filming your vote, please fee free to review the laws in your respective state.

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