Saturday, November 8, 2008


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Like Podcampphilly, BarcampPhilly is sort of a lecture for computer users (mostly social media) who understand that collaboration is the key to learning. However, instead of one person doing all of the talking, everyone discusses their own experiences with a certain topic. This knowledge sharing technique is unique in that normally, opinion leaders prefer to hoarde information for themselves. The feeling is that hording will give them an edge. Barcamp operates on a different premise.

During the November 8, 2008 Barcampphilly, over 100 computer user collaborated on ROI for Social Media (Bus./Mktg.); Using Social Networks for Social Change: facebook, myspace & more (especially for nonprofits) ; Building Better Web Developers - What should colleges be teaching?, What Tech stuff is Happening in Philly and more.

Located in the University of the Arts, this un-conference had intentional focus on openness and collaborative learning.

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