Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking the dumb out of Smart Phones

More and more we are realizing how smart phones permeate our lives and how dangerous it could be to place bank info, user names and passwords on a device that could so easily crash or go missing.

Someone has to take the dumb out of Smart Phones!

Smart phone users tend to place all types of personal information on their devices simply because it’s so convenient. Yet, if their iPhones crash (which happens more than we’d like) or their Blackberries or Windows Mobile devices go lost or stolen, all of that data gets lost or – even worse – ends up in the wrong hands.

Also, when a smart phone goes missing or crashes, users often lose files that don’t get backed up on their computers: music, ring tones, text messages and other files. Listeners (many of whom use Smart Phones) can come to understand the seriousness of carrying around a device with so much valuable data and the need to protect it.

CyberSynchs (www.cybersynchs.com) is a cool, easy and economical solution to losing you data. CyberSynchs is a small application that loads onto your phone and backs up all of the data to their secure server. What’s even better is that the CyberSynchs web server allows you to erase all of the data from your smart phone should it go missing.

Earlier this year, Amos Winbush, CyberSynchs’ founder discovered that his iPhone had crashed and his personal and professional life came to a screeching halt. The idea for CyberSynchs actually came to him one night after learning that he’d never retrieve the data from his crashed iPhone.

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