Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top Searched Tech gadgets of 2008

Image representing Yahoo! as depicted in Crunc...Image by via CrunchBaseWith 2008 coming to an end, Yahoo! has generated a list of the most-searched-for terms in the world of technology. After another banner year of exciting new gadgets and huge strides in mobility and gaming, these products were the most buzzed about by Yahoo! users.

The top searched tech gadgets of 2008.

This list includes:

1. Digital camera

2. iPhone

3. Wii

4. Xbox 360

5. PSP

6. Blackberry

7. Skype

8. PS3

9. iPod

10. Garmin

Here is the full list of top searched tech gadgets of 2008

In addition, Yahoo! has a host of other top searched for categories that are available, including the top ten overall searches, politicians, news, economy, celebrities, women and final farewells, as well as additional top searches in select areas throughout Yahoo!, such as on Yahoo! Green, Yahoo! Tech and the most Buzziest stories/topics of the year.

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