Friday, September 12, 2008

News: Chris Richardson of American Idol Discusses Technology

American Idol

Chris Richardson and American Idol. Hearing those words, most people think of the harmony, talent, singing and adoring fans. When hearing the words, “Chris Richardson and American Idol” the last thing a person thinks of is technology. But, ya know, I AM the Tech Crusader. So, I imagined that people want to know what one of the most popular names in entertainment, Chris Richardson, has to say about technology.

That’s why we sent the field reporters from the Technically Speaking Radio show, Ken Houston and Jerome Rogers to get the scoop on the American Idols Live! tour at the
Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA featuring the Season Six Top 10 Idols.

Chris Richardson’s favorite tech device is his camera. He loves to capture what’s going on. He agrees that technology is great!

But, see/hear him for yourself:

Click the Play button to view video

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Bouffe said...

This is not Blake Lewis, this is Chris Richardson.