Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Public speaking rider

To ensure that event participants are pleased with the results of your engagement, we request the following provisions:

In preparation of event
  • Formal emailed letter of speaker request on organization's letterhead identifying the events exact date, time and location.
  • Free parking is provided
  • Detailed directions to meeting room provided at least 1 week prior to event
  • Speaker is offered advanced participation in all media related interviews
  • If tickets are sold or donations are received for the event, immediately after event, speaker receives 50% of donation made with check payable speaker's selected nonprofit*
  • Free event admission is given to speaker and speaker's assistants
  • Any press releases mentioning event, must include link to speaker's website
  • Speaker's assistant is given access to meeting room at least 1 week prior to event to survey setup areas
  • Space provided for speakers Banner display
  • Space provided for speakers Ad table

During event
  • Theme music is played when speaker is being announced (music provided by speaker)
  • Speakers provided bio is read
  • Announcement is made that books are on sale
  • If food is served, take home trays are provided for speaker and speaker's assistants
  • Bottled water provided for speaker
  • Participants complete provided Speaker Feedback Survey
  • Speaker's assistants distribute flyers
  • Speaker's assistants may take pics and simulcast event

Post event
  • On organization's letterhead, letters of thanks with mention of value of in-kind donation of time and follow-up letters of recommendation provided, if requested
  • Any press releases mentioning event, must include link to speaker's website
  • Speaker is provided an emailed copy of all pics and videos for event for full unrestricted use

*Speaker may waive this condition

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